Risham Syed is a Lahore-based artist who uses painting, as well as other mediums to explore difficult questions of history, sociology, politics, and post-colonial identity.
south asian artist, risham syed, women artist, Lahore-based artist, associate professor, head of the department, SVAD, BNU, Seven Seas
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Risham Syed


Medium: Silver cushion, digital prints, swatches of embroidery, paintings, mirror. All framed in Chinese faux gilded frames. Wall size 10′ x 22′, Frame sizes variable.

The silver cushion takes a central position or seat with a constellation of images orbiting around it. One image breaks off from it and hangs separately on the left and visually balances the weight of the entire composition on the right. This second work after (The Cap) with a take on ‘salon style of hanging’, has as disparate images such as biblical prints, paintings from newspaper clips, embroidered panels from frocks made by missionary nuns, old photographs hovering around a central piece; the Cushion. The image on the far left of the installation that seems to have broken away from this constellation is seemingly a serene cityscape but on close inspection reveals a smoke cloud over a dense urban cityscape.