Risham Syed | THE COZY COTTAGE (2007)
Risham Syed is a Lahore-based artist who uses painting, as well as other mediums to explore difficult questions of history, sociology, politics, and post-colonial identity.
south asian artist, risham syed, women artist, Lahore-based artist, associate professor, head of the department, SVAD, BNU, Seven Seas
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Risham Syed


Diptych: each panel 60″ x 60″
Panel 1: Crossstich in wool on canvas.
Panel 2: Plastic grass on board.

This work is about 5 feet by 10 feet (2 panels together). Even though it is cross-stitch, on this scale it almost begins to disintegrate like a pixelated image. It’s an image of a cozy cottage that all embroidery learners make in cross-stitch. It’s an idyllic home rendered in cross-stitch (which is a mark of deletion as well). Fake plastic grass provides a kind of a ‘frame’ or context for this.

Installation View

Detail Panel 1

Detail Panel 2

Detail Panel 1